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Premiere of School Interactive Education Theatre Encourages students to build a “Smoke-free Family” with their family
Since 1995, the School Interactive Education Theatre has been one of the major education and publicity campaigns of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (“COSH”) to spread the smoke-free messages among children and teenagers. Through cooperation with schools and local professional troupes, COSH urges the youngsters to promote a smoke-free lifestyle. Over the past two decades, the Education Theatre programme has delivered about 1,900 performances reaching more than 520,000 students and teachers. This year’s prorgramme is co-organized by the Education Bureau and produced and performed by Chung Ying Theatre. With the support of Ocean Park Corporation, a character Redd, will also be featured in this year’s drama to spread smoke-free messages. A brand-new drama titled “Smoke-free Family” is launched with a premiere held at the Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University today for over 350 students, teachers and media.

Officiating guests of the Premiere included Dr Tina CHAN (Assistant Director of Health (Special Health Services); Dr Andy TAM (Chief Curriculum Development Officer (MCNE), Education Bureau); Prof LAM Tai-hing (Chair Professor of Community Medicine & Sir Robert Kotewall Professor in Public Health, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong); Mr Antonio KWONG (COSH Chairman), Ms Yolanda NG (COSH Vice-Chairman) and Ms Vienna LAI (COSH Executive Director). Mr Antonio KWONG remarked, “In consideration of the rapid growth of electronic cigarettes in recent years, this year’s drama covers the potential risks of e-cigarettes, in addition to the hazards of smoking, secondhand smoke and third-hand smoke. Students are also invited to spread smoke-free message to their family, urge smokers to kick the habit and build a smoke-free family.”

The drama “Smoke-free Family” is presented along with music, stage effects and interactive sessions to deliver smoke-free messages. The story was about Siu-sun, a student of the “No Smoking Primary School”, and he was working on a Liberal Studies project with Siu-wai under the topic of “How to help smokers quit smoking”. Siu-wai has tried different means to encourage her family members to quit smoking but not succeed. She started folding smoke-free paper cranes, hoping that her dream would come true. Siu-sun decided to visit Siu-wai’s family to understand their reasons for smoking. They understood the hazards of smoking, secondhand smoke and third-hand smoke, the potential risks of e-cigarettes and promotion tactics of tobacco industry through the visit. With the support and encouragement of Siu-wai and Siu-sun, Siu wai’s father, mother and grandfather ditched smoking successfully and built a smoke-free family. Students actively participated in the interactive sessions and promised to reject the first cigarette and motivate their family members to kick the bad habit.

“Smoke-free Family” will begin its tours across the territory in mid-October 2018 to deliver around 100 performances. For details of the School Interactive Education Theatre, please visit

Photo captions:

Officiating guests and students made a wish to build a “Smoke-free Family” and promised to spread the smoke-free messages to their family, schoolmates and other citizens.

Siu-sun and Siu-wai understood the hazards of smoking, secondhand smoke, third-hand smoke and e-cigarettes when working on a Liberal Studies project and encouraged Siu-wai’s mother to kick the smoking habit.

Students enjoyed the performance, actively participated in the interactive sessions and sang the smoke-free theme song with the actors.
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